At Think Africa Institute we are the bridge to understanding and working with and within Africa from anywhere in the world. Our roster of experts, clients and services speak to that; but more importantly, we are guided by philosophy that Knowledge is “Created”, “Shared” and can be “ShedSM”.


When you need an independent person to oil difficult conversations, be it Team Building, Staff or Unit Retreats, Change Management, etc, we have to expertise to professionally lead and facilitate to the process.

Past clients to have benefited from our experience: The Abidjan Convention (AbC) of the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) in Abidjan; ActionAid Sierra Leone, West Africa Biodiversity and Climate Change (WA-BiCC) of the USAID, Budget Advocacy Network of Sierra Leone (BAN-SL), among others.


We coach and mentor individuals and organisations by standing with them and helping them grow in decision-making, personnel growth and targeted capacity development.

We have had the pleasure of coaching and mentoring organisations and individuals within those organisations from Liberia and Sierra Leone; NMJD (Sierra Leone), CARKAP, CARL, Foundation for Community Initiatives (Liberia), Rural Human Rights Activists Programme (RHRAP), Liberia, among others have been clients.


We believe training must be planned and delivered. At TAI, we take the chore out of our training make it both a fun and learning atmosphere.

Our trainings are hinged on three philosophies:

Create Knowledge: We believe knowledge is created and every training we host MUST create knowledge.
Share Knowledge: We believe KNOWLEDGE must be SHARED. Our training MUST lead to that.
ShedSM Knowledge: We believe knowledge can be “Shed” – that you leave old unusable knowledge at the end of each session and day.

Global Fund for Human Rights, Sierra Leone Adult Education Association (SLADEA), Goal Sierra Leone, Christian Aid (Sierra Leone), ActionAid Sierra Leone, Consortium for the Advancement of Right for Key Affected Populations (CARKAP) and 26 other organisations across Sierra Leone and Liberia have enjoyed our services.


With over 12 active specialised individuals on our roster, TAI boosts of over 250 years combined knowledge in Project Management, Human Resources, Monitoring and Evaluation, Baseline-Midline-Endline Evaluations, Strategic Plan and Operational Plan Development, Content/Curriculum Development, Communication Plan Development, Board and Governance Reviews, Country Plans and Strategy, etc.

Oxfam GB (Sierra Leone), Consortium for the Advancement of Right for Key Affected Populations (CARKAP), ActionAid Sierra Leone, Budget Advocacy Network of Sierra Leone (BAN-SL), the Centre for Accountability and Rule of Law (CARL), and 23 other grantees of the Global Fund for Human Rights in Sierra Leone and Liberia have hired our services.

Ideation Clinics

Like our Facilitation Service, our Ideation Clinics uses creative facilitation methods to create new Ideas, test your new ideas or to help you and your team visualise and trouble-shoot ideas.

Network Movement for Justice and Development (NMDJ), Centre for Accountability and Rule of Law (CARL), ActionAid Sierra Leone have hired us for these services.