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Police training with GiZ

From June-Aug 2017, the Institute worked across West Africa with police institutions in a GiZ funded capacity building initiative. These consultations improved the training curriculum and capacity to implement it…

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Our work in action from across West Africa showing how we work with our clients:

At Think Africa Institute we are the bridge to understanding and working with and within Africa from anywhere in the world. Our roster of experts, clients and services speak to that; but more importantly, we are guided by philosophy that Knowledge is “Created”, “Shared” and can be “ShedSM”.


When you need an independent person to oil difficult conversations, be it Team Building, Staff or Unit Retreats, Change Management, etc, we have to expertise to professionally lead and facilitate to the process.

Past clients to have benefited from our experience: The Abidjan Convention (AbC) of the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) in Abidjan; ActionAid Sierra Leone, West Africa Biodiversity and Climate Change (WA-BiCC) of the USAID, Budget Advocacy Network of Sierra Leone (BAN-SL), among others.


We coach and mentor individuals and organisations by standing with them and helping them grow in decision-making, personnel growth and targeted capacity development.

We have had the pleasure of coaching and mentoring organisations and individuals within those organisations from Liberia and Sierra Leone; NMJD (Sierra Leone), CARKAP, CARL, Foundation for Community Initiatives (Liberia), Rural Human Rights Activists Programme (RHRAP), Liberia, among others have been clients.


We believe training must be planned and delivered. At TAI, we take the chore out of our training make it both a fun and learning atmosphere.

Our trainings are hinged on three philosophies:

Create Knowledge: We believe knowledge is created and every training we host MUST create knowledge.
Share Knowledge: We believe KNOWLEDGE must be SHARED. Our training MUST lead to that.
ShedSM Knowledge: We believe knowledge can be “Shed” – that you leave old unusable knowledge at the end of each session and day.

Global Fund for Human Rights, Sierra Leone Adult Education Association (SLADEA), Goal Sierra Leone, Christian Aid (Sierra Leone), ActionAid Sierra Leone, Consortium for the Advancement of Right for Key Affected Populations (CARKAP) and 26 other organisations across Sierra Leone and Liberia have enjoyed our services.


With over 12 active specialised individuals on our roster, TAI boosts of over 250 years combined knowledge in Project Management, Human Resources, Monitoring and Evaluation, Baseline-Midline-Endline Evaluations, Strategic Plan and Operational Plan Development, Content/Curriculum Development, Communication Plan Development, Board and Governance Reviews, Country Plans and Strategy, etc.

Oxfam GB (Sierra Leone), Consortium for the Advancement of Right for Key Affected Populations (CARKAP), ActionAid Sierra Leone, Budget Advocacy Network of Sierra Leone (BAN-SL), the Centre for Accountability and Rule of Law (CARL), and 23 other grantees of the Global Fund for Human Rights in Sierra Leone and Liberia have hired our services.

Ideation Clinics

Like our Facilitation Service, our Ideation Clinics uses creative facilitation methods to create new Ideas, test your new ideas or to help you and your team visualise and trouble-shoot ideas.

Network Movement for Justice and Development (NMDJ), Centre for Accountability and Rule of Law (CARL), ActionAid Sierra Leone have hired us for these services.

Think Africa Institute is made up of dedicated and experienced management, fundraising, policy, training and M&E consultants from around the Globe – all with years of proven experience in the international development sector in Africa. These folks are pros, and we’re pleased to have them on our roster.

Ariane Cartwright, Brazil

Ariane is a Certified Fund Raising Executive™ with over nine years in the international development sector. She works tirelessly with organizations to help them systematize and innovate their fundraising and communications programs, integrating new approaches while building the foundations they need to succeed. Ariane has created donor databases from scratch, she has created documentary films and acted as a media spokesperson and she has raised millions of dollars for non-profits through grants, major gifts, special events and monthly donor programs.

Olufela Adeyemi, Sierra Leone/Nigeria

Olufela is a performance and change management expert with proven top leadership experience in post conflict and fragile settings. Critical experience in human capital management, performance management, and capacity building. Olufela has extensive knowledge of and experience with the key issues and actors in the sub-region’s public, private and international cooperation sector, having been involved in high level analysis and program management in the health, education, finance, security, judicial and correctional systems. She has hands on experience with reforms systems, including education reform and training, functional literacy assessment, EGRA/EGMA, tax and systems modernization, revenue recognition and mobilization and related advocacy. Olufela is currently the Executive Director at Ascendant & Company Ltd, a key judicial and rule of law consulting and research, organisational development, consulting and diversified outsourcing service.

Marricke Kofi Gane, UK/Ghana

Marrickeis a Senior Finance Manager – Grants, Donors & Development Projects with 13+ years experience covering Donor Funds/Grants Management, Auditing, Accounting, Diplomacy, Financial Management, Bilateral and Multilateral Operations, Overseas operations, Internal Controls, Due Diligence, Risk Management and Training.

Marricke brings strong financial management,programmetechnical expertise plus a rich set of problem solving skills to International Development roles.

Simon Eyram Tsike-Sossah

Simon is Think Africa Institute’s Founder and Managing Director. He has more than 15 years of experience working in international development sector and is a certified “Civilian Peace Consultant” from the Academy for Conflict Transformation in Bonn, Germany. He has facilitated trainings for countless iNGOs, civil society organizations and government aid agencies such as UNEP, Oxfam, Action Aid, IRN Sierra Leone. And has consulted for the Open Society Initiative, West Africa Civil Society Institute, ECOWAS and the West African Civil Society Forum among others.

Marshall William Conley (PhD), Canada

Dr. Conley has conducted training in a variety of venues from Africa (The Gambia, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Libya, Namibia, Rwanda), Europe (Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Paris, San Remo Italy, Serbia, Slovenia, United Kingdom), Asia (Japan, South Korea) and North America (Mexico, Washington,Hawaii, Illinois, Baltimore, Alberta, Ottawa, Nova Scotia) on subjects ranging from rebuilding war-torn societies, Disarmament Demobilization and Reintegration, Early Warning, Democratic Development and Governance, Rule of Law, Pre-deployment Training, Training of Trainers, citizenship development, human rights reporting and teaching, to ethical and rights issues on the human genome. Dr. Conley has also consulted widely for the UN, EU, AU, ECOWAS, The Kofi Anna Peacekeeping Training Centre (KAIPTC) in Accra among others.

Ewoku Andrew is Sierra Leone/Uganda

Andrew is an accomplished communicator/trainer and mentor with over 15 years’ experience in Sub-Saharan Africa. He has a strong background in communications, advocacy, media production and journalism. Andrew has trained and mentored journalists with little or no prior journalistic experience in resource poor and humanitarian context, improving their skills in human rights, democracy and governance reporting. He has also served in communications, media and information capacities with various international development organizations.

Vivian Amanquah, Ghana

Vivian Amanquah, is a Ghanaian Phd Student (Strategic Management) with the University of Nairobi, Kenya and is a Consultant in Strategic Business Management and M&E by profession. Vivian is a fellow of the International Programme for Development Evaluation Training (IPDET) – Carleton University & World Bank, Ottawa – Canada and a trained Multi-Stakeholder Processes (MSP) and Social Learning Facilitator from the Wageningen University Centre for Development Innovation (CDI) in The Netherlands.She has a passion for the promotion of womens’ human rights and volunteers with the Innovative Gender Foundation (IGF), a registered NGO under the laws of the Republic of Ghana where she offers her skills and expertise for the advancement of womens’ rights in Africa, together with a team of other dedicated young African women. She also serves as a board member for the Dignity International Africa Network and is a member of the UK Gender and Development Network (UK GADN), the International Development Evaluation Association (IDEAS) and the International Organization for Collaborative Outcome Management in South Asia (IOCOMSA).”

Bernarda Perez, The Netherlands

Bernarda Perez was a social development specialist at the Social Development Department at the World Bank in the Africa Region. Bernarda’s work focuses on providing strategic as well as practical, on-the-ground advice to internal and external clients on issues of Resettlement, Indigenous Peoples, stakeholder engagement and community driven development. She has knowledge undertaking social baselines and social impact assessments as well as developing indigenous peoples and resettlement plans to ensure compliance with international best practice. Bernarda possesses in-depth knowledge of the multi-laterals; IFI safeguards policies and the different phases in the project cycle. Prior to joining the Bank, Bernarda worked in CARE-Ecuador, the Organization of American States, and the Latin American Development Corporation and in the private sector. During this time she worked directly with indigenous and peasant communities and government stakeholders. Currently Bernarda is a freelancer based in The Netherlands.

Kangwa Tembo is Zambia

Kangwa is based in the Zambian capital, Lusaka. She is an independent Proofreader and Editor with an MBA. Kangwa has extensive knowledge in the fields of enterprise, microfinancing and administration. She has 10-years of experience in mentorship and tutoring in the language of English gained from Windhoek University, Namibia.

Kangwa as worked with the ILO as a facilitator and with the Commonwealth Youth Programme Regional Centre for Africa as programme officer.


FAUSTINA OFORIWA BESSEY: With the passion to contribute her efforts to making individuals and communities better— studied for a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and Psychology and sociology at the University of Ghana and Hohai University respectively. She has been involved in many community health, educational support, and general community development programs in various parts of rural Ghana; she also has an extensive knowledge base on issues bordering on human right abuse, gender and gender based issues such as violence against woman, children and other vulnerable groups, economic marginalization etc. She is also an entrepreneur with interest in small scale business growth and development as tool in alleviating poverty.

Think Africa Institute

Think Africa Institute (TAI) is a consultancy firm specialising in working with NGO, UN agencies and the private sector in Africa. Registered in the Netherlands as a limited liability company (B.V) and in Sierra Leone.

TAI grew out of the work of ACIPP Consulting and now given a full legal status as a for-profit entity. TAI carries with it the ethics and philosophies of ACIPP Consulting – truth, integrity and pride Africa.

We see our self as the bridge for institutions in Europe and elsewhere looking to work in Africa and need a credible partner with local knowledge of the African continent and for the local African organisation; seeking people that understand the local exigencies of Africa.

Our Mission is to help our clients Create, Share, and ShedSM Knowledge.

TAI is founded by its co-directors:

Simon Tsike-Sossah

Annemieke Tsike-Sossah

Think Africa is part of the
Sweet Jollof Group


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Think Africa Institute is a consultancy firm specialising in working with NGO, UN agencies and the private sector in Africa. The firm offers a range of services including:

Strategy Development and Planning
M&E Services



Strategic Planning


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Recent Work

Police training with GiZ

From June-Aug 2017, the Institute worked across West Africa with police institutions in a GiZ funded capacity building initiative. These consultations improved the training curriculum and capacity to implement it moving forward for police institutions.

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Recent Work

Recent work: CARKAP, Sierra Leone

The Institute had the pleasure of working with CARKAP, Sierra Leone, from May-Aug 2017, helping them to create a strategic and operational plan for their new organization. Working with their members and executive committee, our consultants held an intensive 2 day planning session to pull out their hopes, plans and…

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